Just a few weeks ago we all watched news stories about the cyber attacks on the NHS.  The media focused on teaching the general public about online security – but little was said about helping businesses to be safe. What are the top ten tips for digital safety for commercial organisations?

As cabling and security specialists, here are our suggestions:

Comms Cabinet

Don’t share, and keep it secure!

1) Have a digital security policy. Get it checked out with your insurance company, if you aren’t sure, engage a data security consultancy.

2) Review your crisis management plan.Designate key people to be first-responders, and ensure that their training is up to date.

3) Who’s watching the watchers?Check your CCTV installations, and ensure that you have a regular security review, and a test procedure.

4) While all eyes are on access via the internet – consider access via cabling.If you’re concerned, then switch to fibre-optic.

5) And whilst you’re looking into your hard-wired cabling provision, take a peek into your comms cabinet.Are you sharing it? If yes: Who with? Is it lockable?Who has the keys?Are they running a digital security policy as robust as yours?

6) If your answer to #5 was yes – then consider transferring to your own comms cabinet immediately. Make sure it’s secure, floor-bolted and alarmed if needed.

7) Do the same assessment with your server room – and if necessary instigate an alarm system, CCTV and make sure it’s lockable.

8) Ensure that your Guest Passwords for wifi access are robust.Ensure your employees do NOT share their employee passwords.

9) Have a “no USB stick” policy – and stick to it.

10) Software – ensure you’re running the latest versions of anti-virus, software updates and firewalls. Be aware of online software that your employees are running and check them out with your digital security policy.
Still concerned about your business security?  Speak to CDI about our secure cabling, comms and CCTV options.