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Analogue CCTV Systems

Analogue & Hybrid CCTV Systems


The main differences between digital CCTV and analogue CCTV is the encoding of the signal and the transmission and storage of the captured images.

Historically analogue CCTV installations within hotels, airports, banks, large retailers, manufacturing plants and corporate offices would have used analogue video equipment to route video to fixed locations via matrixes or video switching devices. Analogue CCTV infrastructures mostly consist of coaxial cables and fibre optical cabling which are used to transport the video to its final storage location.

In most cases, accessing and monitoring the video content either live or playback, would take place in the same building or even in the room where the equipment is located. Generally remote access or observation of legacy analogue CCTV systems is impossible, unless expensive additional hardware and connections are installed to these remote locations

You may wish to consider converting your existing analogue CCTV system and get some or all of the benefits of a digital solution.

A Video Encoder can be used to connect analogue CCTV cameras to your existing corporate IT network infrastructure. The recordings can be stored on a Network Video Recorder (NVR) or Server/PC based NVR software. Both live and recorded footage can be viewed via a standard desktop web browser.

Even with the continuing growth in demand for digital CCTV installations, there is still a place in the market for analogue CCTV surveillance systems if you only need to access the system from a single location.

Hybrid CCTV systems include analogue and digital components with modems being used to convert signals from an analogue camera to a digital recorder and from then onwards using IP based protocols to distribute, store and access the live and recorded images.

Most analogue CCTV systems today use a Network Video Recorder (NVR) as the image storage device. This allows the analogue signals to be digitized for storage and for delivery over the IT network infrastructure or Internet.

A hybrid CCTV solution is a cost effective alternative to a full blown IP CCTV system, and will provide users with valuable benefits such as digital storage, automated backups, remote management and anytime/anywhere accessibility to content.


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