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Energy Efficient LED Lighting

LED Lighting Solutions


LED technology has significantly advanced in the last few years to a point where their ability to replace traditional filament / fluorescent based technologies is becoming more feasible. With the shortage of Rare Earth Minerals dramatically increasing fluorescent tube prices this has helped reduce the LED payback period.

LED Lighting Benefits;

Energy Saving:

Savings of >75% can be achieved due to the higher efficacy of LED’s giving a ROI of less than 2 years in most cases.

Low Heat Generation:

Compared to fluorescent / gas discharge lighting, LED’s generate much less heat. This results in indirect cost savings on air conditioning and the life of the fitting is extended due to lower running temperatures.

Reduced Maintenance Costs:

Using solid state devices such as LED’s, useful life can be extended to typically 50,000 hrs. It is likely that at least 4-fluorescent lamp changes would be required compared over the lifetime of the LED product. During this time it is also likely that the control gear would need to be replaced in a fluorescent based luminaire.

No Flicker / Noise:

Unlike fluorescent based systems, LED lamps do not suffer from flicker or audible ‘humming’. This produces a more pleasant working environment and can reduce fatigue.

Instant ON:

Even at sub-zero temperatures, LED lamps illuminate almost instantly. Fluorescent tubes suffer with cold temperatures, and lighting such as gas discharge can take several minutes to reach their optimum brightness.

Green friendly:

LED based lighting is RohS compliant which means they do not contain harmful chemicals. Fluorescent based lamps contain hazardous chemicals, a major impact on our environment.

Dimming Capability:

LED solutions allow simplistic dimming techniques compared to fluorescent based lighting. LED’s can be dimmed from 0% (completely OFF) to 100% (completely ON).


Business Benefits

Network Services are available within the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Our Network Services are Integrated, providing the Total Solution.

Full Compliance to CDM Regulations and Applicable Legislation.

Experience in All Vertical Markets and Industry Sectors.

All Customers will have a Dedicated Account Manager.

Over 70 Directly Employed CSCS Qualified Engineers.

White Label Services available for System Integrators.

Bespoke Framework and Service Level Agreements.

24x7x365 SLA Maintenance Contracts.


Why CDI Group?

100 Directly Employed Staff including Project Managers and Engineers.

Certified by BSI to ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.

30 Years Plus Experience in Data and Telephone Networks.

Certified by the World’s Leading Cabling Manufactures.

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