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Environmental Management


As suppliers, installers and maintainers of business-to-business communications solutions our activities are, by their nature, environmentally friendly as telecommunications bring people together instantly, with minimal use of energy.

We recognise that the world community faces a challenge of great significance to the ecology and that we have a part to play, in partnership with our suppliers, to minimise the depletion of natural resources and ensure that our activities do not damage the environment.

Environmental issues will be controlled through the CDI Group Integrated Management Systems (IMS). The setting and publication of objectives will ensure continual improvement of all of our business performances in all of our activities.

Specifically, CDI Group Limited will:

1. Conform to the requirements of all relevant legislation

2. Strive to ensure that all our products and services, that wherever possible, are produced using environmentally friendly processes and materials

3. Promote and actively undertake the recycling and the re-use of materials, whilst reducing the consumption of all materials wherever possible

4. Continually strive to reduce energy consumption and minimise waste at all times

5. Conduct all activities on customer premises with consideration for the environment

6. Promote environmental awareness and responsibilities with all CDI Group employees and include those issues within training programs


Management and staff will work proactively together to monitor, maintain, periodically review and continually improve and minimise our impact on the environment, ensuring that all plans, procedures and systems of work are designed to take full account of environmental issues..