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IP Telephone System Supplier


CDI Group who are located in Birmingham, West Midlands, can design and implement the perfect telephony solution for your needs – from a simple user-friendly but feature-rich communications system, to the most sophisticated IP telephone system integrating remote workers with the help of productivity-enhancing software.

A unified communications solution integrates: • E-mail • Instant messaging • Applications with communications devices • Telephony (wired and wireless) • Voice messaging • Audio, video, and Web conferencing.

This means a user can switch from their mobile to their desk phone, or click to call the sender of an e-mail. Unified communication works irrespective of device or location, all giving access to the same directories.

CDI Group are your local telephone system supplier in Birmingham. We provide IP telephony design and installation services throughout the UK and Europe.


Telephone Systems


The telephone system is the hub of your communications strategy – possibly the lifeblood of your business – so it is vital that you can make and receive calls. Every client has a different set of requirements, so we tailor every solution to meet those unique business needs.



Integrated Network Infrastructure


The meeting of voice and data over a common infrastructure and network has revolutionised the telephony market. For this new age we offer a variety of solutions from traditional analogue and digital services to VoIP-based products (SIP Phones) whether yours is a small, medium or large enterprise..



Scaleable Solutions


We also offer scalable, pay-as-you-grow solutions whether you’re on one site or many, so you never need to purchase a new phone system again. Adding extra functions like Call Routing can be done with ease, so applications can easily be added when the time is right.



 Unified Communication Solutions


CDI Comms are located within Birmingham, we design, install and maintain unified communication solutions. In these, all your business communication applications converge, enabling you to locate colleagues using a single telephone number or Internet address.