Regardless of your business sector, you know how important it is to remain agile and to stay ahead of your competition.  Particularly as we head into  the 4th industrial revolution according to the World Economic Forum  (

Yes, of course technology continues accelerating, but never before has so much business development relied so heavily on technology.  And as the IT manager, comms manager or facilities manager –  it’s on your shoulders that the burden of responsibility lies.

When presented with the current list of future demands on IT, the situation is daunting.   Then add to this list the fact that some technologies have not even been dreamt of…

The future as we currently know it:

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning robots



Augmented and virtual reality

The Cloud


3D printing

Virtual and augmented reality

Internet of things

Bitcoin and virtual currency


The future as we don’t know it…

All these disciplines are not just growing, they are layering over each other and technologies are being pulled across.   The developments within one area are sweeping into others, amplifying and supporting the speed of growth and creativity.

The commonality of futures

as AI increases, productivity and knowledge work is likely to change.

Across all these developments, one key commonality is communication.  Here’s our list of suggestions to support your business:

Be 5G ready:  (See our article on 5G)

Keep an eye on mobile internet connectivity By 2025 some reports say that mobile connectivity could grow by an additional 4.3 billion people.

Step up your technology infrastructure strategy

Implement robust security across the whole network – monitoring and securing elements of remote connections and diversity

Design and practice fast recovery strategies.

Prepare for massive data needs – as AI increases, productivity and knowledge work is likely to change.


To summarise:

Staying ahead of the game in business means staying ahead of the tech that technology depends on.  Robust communications, strategies for future development and support for the disruptive technologies of the future.