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News Updates from CDI Group

Powered fibre technologies prove themselves

OM5 and Powered Fibre Cabling are both key offerings from CDI Group.

Powered Fibre Cabling:

Introduced by CommScope in January 2016, CDI Group now has a number of live installations where either of the following situations prevail:

1) an external long-distance requirement for both power and data. For example, at airports and external carparks, to power and serve perimeter security cameras.  These installations would normally have required both power and data cabling, however the Powered Fibre Cabling option means that one hybrid cable, served by a POE (Power Over Ethernet) box, can be installed with distances of up to 300m (x30 that of CAT 5).

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Success or greater success? Connectivity is a deciding factor.

In a recent article by Phil Sorsky Global Head of Service Providers, CommScope*, he cites that connectivity could be the difference between success and failure, particularly for SMEs.

When it comes to 4G and telecom network access, the disparity between London and the rest of the UK, is staggering.  Sorsky said: “The research found that, while mobile users in London can access 4G nearly 70 per cent of the time, there are significant disparities across the rest of the UK. Indeed, mobile users in Wales can only connect to 4G services on 35 per cent of occasions.”(1)

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CDI Group – connecting top Birmingham landmarks

As published in the Birmingham Post, with full transcription below.

Birmingham Post, January 2017.  Used here with kind permission of the Birmingham Post.

Full article text reads:


Q: What do the Birmingham Library, John Lewis Birmingham Department Store and the Mailbox all have in common?

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Wifi’s boom comes with hidden risks.

Wifi is growing but it comes with hidden risks.  Here’s our quick guide to managing wifi risk and getting the most out of the opportunities:

CDI Group, the UK’s leading network installation company, predicts their wifi business will grow by at least 300% in 2017.

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Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust

CDI Group have been selected by the Trust for a 3 year Cabling Contract to maintain the structured cabling network and the installation of additional copper and fibre cabling and associated small power across the Trust Sites as demand requires.

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CDI Group Expands with Acquisition

BIRMINGHAM-based data network, cabling and communications supplier CDI Group has expanded its security division with a new acquisition.

The group has taken over city rival Discovery Cabling Solutions in an undisclosed deal.

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