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Pre-Terminated Fibre Optic Cabling

Reduce Time Install Fibre Pre-Term


CDI Group will design, supply, install and maintain pre-terminated fibre optical cabling systems.

Pre-terminated fibre cables are becoming increasingly popular because they provide higher reliability, greater densities, and manageable modularity – which increases flexibility of the solution. Increased connection densities of pre-terminated fibre cabling have proven to ease the cable load that data centres naturally provoke.

Pre-Terminated Fibre or Field Terminated Fibre

There are three foremost termination solutions: pre-terminated, field terminated, and spliced to pigtails. Regardless of which method is used, the objective of termination is to obtain the lowest possible signal loss at each connection. The process of attaching the connectors plays a large part in the performance of the fibre optical cabling. If the fibre elements are not properly aligned and polished, transmissions may fail and performance will deteriorate. In the past, splicing fibres to pigtails was the only way to get the advantages of a factory polished connector.

Correctly attaching connectors to the fibre cable is critical to meeting performance requirements for the installation. To attach a connector, the technician must first strip the cable down to the bare fibre element. Anaerobic or heat cured epoxy is used to affix the fibre to the connector. After the connector is attached, the fibre must be scribed and polished. Finally, the entire assembly must be inspected and tested.

If this procedure is done in the field, it adds significant time and cost to the installation. Keep in mind that the amount of activity during the implementation of a data centre often precludes having teams of workers installing connectors. In addition, once the data centre is up and running, the sensitive nature of the data being processed restricts access to the suspended floor area.

Pre-terminated fibre cables provide a solution to these problems.

With the timescales for projects being compressed more and more there is a need to reduce the amount of time spent installing the fibre optical cabling infrastructure. One way of doing this is through the use of the pre-terminated fibre solutions.


Business Benefits

Network Services are available within the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Our Network Services are Integrated, providing the Total Solution.

Full Compliance to CDM Regulations and Applicable Legislation.

Experience in All Vertical Markets and Industry Sectors.

All Customers will have a Dedicated Account Manager.

Over 70 Directly Employed CSCS Qualified Engineers.

White Label Services available for System Integrators.

Bespoke Framework and Service Level Agreements.

24x7x365 SLA Maintenance Contracts.


Why CDI Group?

100 Directly Employed Staff including Project Managers and Engineers.

Certified by BSI to ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard.

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Certified by the World’s Leading Cabling Manufactures.

NICEIC Approved Contractor – ECA Members.

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Prince2 Qualified Project Managers.

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